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    Michael Nguyen Guest

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    Hello !<BR>Please show me how to disable print function from browsers<BR>like I.E and Netscape so that users can not print my web pages!<BR>Thank You !<BR>MN<BR><BR>

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    Ben Roy Guest

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    You aren&#039t going to be able to get around this. I don&#039t believe that either IE or Netscape allows you to disable the print buttons, though you could get rid of the toolbar and disable the right click. However, if you are trying to protect the content or something like that, the user could simply copy and paste your page into Word, Notepad, or any other text or html editor and then print it. There&#039s really no way for you to lock down your content the way it sounds like you want to.

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    Michael Nguyen Guest

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    Dear Ben Roy !<BR>Thanks for your response ? We should think about it !<BR>MN<BR><BR>

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