List of ASP error codes?

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Thread: List of ASP error codes?

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    Troy Schneider Guest

    Default List of ASP error codes?

    Hey y&#039all...I&#039m looking for a list of errors that can be thrown by IIS in response to an ASP file and I can&#039t seem to locate it. We are trying to make a customized 500-100.asp file for a project and need those codes. Thanks in advance.

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    Joey Guest

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    Check this page out on Microsofts site<BR><BR><BR><BR>Have a Happy!<BR><BR>Joey

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    Troy Schneider Guest

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    Joey...thanks for the attempt, but I&#039m specifically looking for the error codes that cause the 500-100 ASP error. I was hoping to find the decimal values, but if I can find the hex values that would do just as well. I&#039ve been wading through Microsoft&#039s site for the last hour trying to find those codes and haven&#039t had any success.

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