Multiple Pages for submitting Datas to Database.

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Thread: Multiple Pages for submitting Datas to Database.

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    Natarajan Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a very big problem.<BR><BR>I have to enter user Information which goes more than 1 screem. That is I have limited information in One Screen and Click the "Next" Button to go to the next Screen. Here I followed Frame Concept where I have only Hidden Fields so that the data will be temp. stored there everytime which I click the Next Button. When I click Submit the values stored in Hidden Fields will be stored. <BR><BR>But My Customer says this method should not be used. Because I have lot of Hidden Fields in my Form. Also I have been asked to not to use session variables or Cookies. <BR><BR>Can you help me stating how to solve this Problem.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Natarajan

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    Panos Barbalias Guest

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    As I see it you have two choises..<BR>1) Work with QueryString method to pass data through your pages.<BR>2) Submit data after EACH page. BUT!!! The first page will actually submit a new record, and all the rest will use the method UPDATE to add the rest of the info.<BR><BR>I really don&#039t know what is your project like, but I hope I&#039ve helped a little.<BR>By the way, I think it&#039s outrageous that your customer doesn&#039t want you to use sessions!!<BR>Perhaps in two weeks he will ask you to do it with pure HTML!!!

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