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    Rob Reid Guest

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    I have a page split into two frames and I need to know how pass a value and submit the form in one frame when an event fires in the other frame. I have a dropdown box in the top frame and when the value changes in the list I need to pass that new value into the second frame and submit the form as the second frame uses that value to get data from a database. How do I do this????

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    jason Guest

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    it&#039s reasonably easy using client side javascript - if you don&#039t know much javascript, i&#039d advise you to check out the tutorials on - very good stuff. the function you need to extract the selected option from the dropdown is at - it&#039s actually for navigation by dropdown, but with a very small tweak it&#039ll do what you need. <BR><BR>alternatively to submitting a form in the second page, you could pass directly in the querystring by setting the document.location.href property from the dropdown function - providing your DB page can use Querystring()<BR><BR>jason

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    Rob Reid Guest

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    I know a bit of javascript, but I don&#039t know the exact code to do it. The second frame always holds the same page and I just need to be able to get the form on that page to submit passing a value with it.<BR>I don&#039t suppose u can just tell me the lines of code can u, as I haven&#039t got time to read through loads of stuff.

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