Windows 2000 adv svr/IIS 5.0 problem.

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Thread: Windows 2000 adv svr/IIS 5.0 problem.

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    Jim Andrews Guest

    Default Windows 2000 adv svr/IIS 5.0 problem.

    My problem is that I just installed W2000 advanced server on a laptop. It&#039s working fine, and when I&#039m connected to the LAN, the webserver works great. <BR><BR>However, half the point of putting this on a laptop was so that I could do development wherever I am, but when I try to enter in a URL for testing, like http://jim-test/main.asp, (jim-test is the name of the computer) it gives me an error message, saying:<BR><BR>"The Web page you requested is not available offline. To view this page, click Connect."<BR><BR>Then if I click the "Stay Offline" button, it just won&#039t try to load the page.<BR><BR>Is this an IE configuration, an IIS configuration, or both? If anyone has solved this problem, an answer would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Jim Andrews

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    Jim Andrews Guest

    Default Nevermind...

    If you do come across the problem, persistency pays off. After it forces you to try to connect or go offline, press connect. It will tell you one more time that it needs to go online, but just hit "Try Again" and it will load your local page.<BR><BR>-Jim Andrews

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