I keep getting the same error

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Thread: I keep getting the same error

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    "ADODB.Field error &#039 800a0cb3&#039 <BR><BR>The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider. <BR><BR>/ynz/opt.asp, line 144"<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried changing the cursor status to adLockOptimistic and it still won&#039t work. I know the database can be updated because I have done it with FrontPage&#039s webbot. I have no idea how webbot works; I just use the wizards.<BR><BR>I have been able to get display information from the Access file without using the webbot or FrontPage, but for some darned reason I cannot change the values of the database without using FrontPage.<BR><BR>Thanks for the syntax correction. I don&#039t see how objrs("points") and objrs.Fields("points") is different. I get the same error when I just try the objrs("gamerstatus") statement, too.

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    John Weeflaar Guest

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    Are you including "adovbs.inc" file?<BR>If yes, would you show us the code around line 144?<BR><BR>John

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    Stephen Fisher Guest

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    What version of ADO is installed on the server? I had a similar problem until I upgraded to the DAOSDK 2.0. I think it is 2.1 or even 2.5 now

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