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    jnghh Guest

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    Hi, I&#039ve looked up as many global.asa articles I can find, but I can&#039t seem to find any information on why the following just won&#039t work.. The last theory I&#039ve got is that the session variables are expired right before _onEnd is invoked. Ideas?<BR><BR>----------global.asa-----<BR><BR>function endsession(sessionid)<BR> Dim filesys, filename<BR> filename = sessionpath & sessionid & ".txt"<BR> set filesys = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR> if fileSys.FileExists(Server.Mappath(filename)) then<BR> fileSys.DeleteFile(Server.Mappath(filename))<BR> endsession = "Session file deleted."<BR> end if<BR>end function<BR><BR>sub Session_OnEnd<BR>dim temp<BR>temp = endsession(Session("sessionid"))<BR>end sub

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    jason Guest

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    _onend is fired when sessions timeout, so yes, that&#039d be it... the session no longer exists, so you can&#039t call anything using it&#039s value<BR><BR>jason

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