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Thread: SMTP question, pls help!!!

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    I have a form that uses CDONTS to send email using the SMTP service. When I execute this form, the email just sits in a queue and never gets sent. I&#039m not sure how exactly SMTP works. For example, if the form result is to be sent to, do I need to add as a domain in SMTP? How does the SMTP know where to deliver the email? The only domain that I have added to the SMTP is the name of the machine where the web server is. Can someone tell me how all this works or point me to a place where I can find some info. Thanks in advance....

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    check the MS platform SDK at -it&#039s usually a very good bet<BR><BR>if your mail server isn&#039t MS, i&#039d say try the vendor&#039s site<BR><BR>jason

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