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    I am trying to run asp files offline for script testing purposes and have PWS 4.0 installed.<BR><BR>I have photoshop installed on my PC and have found that it has associated itself with the .asp file extension. I have run find file on my system and the only files with .asp extension that I can find are ASP files, yet when I try to assign the .asp file extension to iexplore I get told that it is being used by some photoshop file. When I double click on an asp file from windows explorer photoshop launches. If I open iexplorer and try to open an asp file photoshop launches.<BR><BR>What should I do? Please help if anyone can.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Go to start, run, and type in regedit. This brings up the registry editor. Look for the .asp folder. Delete this folder. You can make a backup copy if you&#039re not sure. After you delete it, close the registry editor and locate any of your asp files. Try to launch it and it will ask you what program to open it with. You can then choose visual interdev. This should fix the problem.

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