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    Terrax Guest

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    Ok, in my ASP page I am making a simple query to update one of the records in my database, but I run into the "Too few parameters" error. I know that this means I am probably spelling something incorrectly so it wants me to define the paramter, but the thing is that I even copied my SQL straight out of Access to ensure it worked perfectly but it still does not work! If anyone can give me any insight into why these errors happen I would very grateful...<BR><BR>Here&#039s the SQL if it means anything:<BR>UPDATE NewsTable SET NewsTable.[Text] = "blah" WHERE (((NewsTable.Index)=1));<BR><BR><BR>Terrax@mediaon<BR>

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    jason Guest

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    your problem is probably the double quotes round the parameter - use singles<BR> sql ="UPDATE NewsTable SET NewsTable.[Text] = &#039blah&#039 WHERE (((NewsTable.Index)=1))"<BR><BR>jason

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