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    Tony Guest

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    I&#039m using a global.asa file to hold session varibles but when I make changes the browser just seems to look at the old file and the changes are not taken into account. ASP and HTML files reload as normal. I&#039ve cleared the cache and still it happens - The only thing that works seems to be restarting my PC. I&#039m using PWS and IE5 - any ideas? please.....

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    jason Guest

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    the idea of global.asa is that it holds application settings. therefore it only refreshes when the application starts i.e. you restart (on win9x PWS) or unload the application you&#039re working on (NT PWS and IIS4.0). or you can close your browser down, go away for a coffee for an hour, and come back when all pending sessions have timed out, which also restarts the application<BR><BR>which platform are you on? if you&#039re on NT PWS, you should go into internet service manager and enable &#039run in separate process&#039 in the application settings, and then you can just unload the application without restarting the machine<BR><BR>jason

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