Is it O.K. to download a database file?

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Thread: Is it O.K. to download a database file?

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    &nbsp;<BR>Hello,<BR><BR>Lets say I have a form on a web page which sends its info to an ASP page which then writes the info to a database. Furthermore, this could happen at anytime.<BR><BR>If I wanted to read the entries in the database, could I just download the database file and read it or, if data was being written to it at the same time, would the database be corrupted?<BR><BR>Also, what if I wanted to add items to the database file but not through the original web page. Is it alright to just down load the file, make the changes before uploading it again?<BR><BR><BR>Yours, Ian.

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    yes you could download the database file - but this is a caveat for you - <BR><BR>don&#039t place your database in a web-viewable folder, or anyone could download it (taking your information with them) - you should use FTP if you&#039re going to do it. a beeter option would be to build a password protected admin interface where you can view the database&#039s contents in it&#039s natural environment, so to speak - it&#039ll avoid potential clashes with different copies of files being uploaded and downloaded for one thing. as for making changes then uploading, sometimes this proves difficult, as the file may be locked, not allowing you to upload. again, the admin interface is your best bet.<BR><BR>jason

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