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    hagai zamir Guest

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    I Can&#039t work in asp with word 2000 object.<BR>can someone please send me the code for doing that.<BR>(basically i need to open a word file and then save the word file<BR>as an html file)<BR><BR>if you don&#039t have an example for me, can you recommend me of a component that does this ?

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    jason Guest

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    there should be full details on word 200 interaction in the platform SDK, available from http://msdn.microsoft.com/ - however i&#039m not sure if you can do this <BR><BR><BR>note : when i&#039ve used word 2000 as an activeX object, it has opened muliple processes on the machine which are difficult to get rid of. the only way seems to be to use task manager to kill the processes manually. not the best thing for ASP use (at all)<BR><BR>jason

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