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Thread: Cant access my local web, please help

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    Default Cant access my local web, please help

    Hi Guys <BR><BR>I have just instlled PWS on my NT box and am trying to play with some ASP! I keep getting &#039Specified Module Not found&#039 when trying to access a page on my &#039Web&#039. <BR><BR>In the PWS troubleshooting info it says you must have the Wins Server service (or other name resolution service) running. I checked and I dont have this service running, but I do have the &#039Web Publishing Service&#039 running. Could this be the problem. <BR><BR>The other thing I noticed is that I don&#039t have any Custom Errors or a &#039logging Pluggin&#039 configured which gives me non criticial errors when looking at my &#039server&#039 in the IIS manager. <BR><BR>With Regard to the URL, I have tried every concievable URL to try and find the web pages on my &#039server&#039I have tried... <BR><BR>Http://LocalHost/... <BR> <BR>Http://ComputerNameinNetworkProperties/... <BR>Http://IP_Assigned_to_NCard/... <BR>Http://IP_From_my_ISP/.. (ozemail) <BR>Http:// <BR><BR>I even tried removing my network adapter,and installing the MS Loopback adapter as per the PWS troubleshooting info and then tried all these URL&#039s again plus.. <BR><BR>Http:/IP_assigned_to_Loopback_adapter/... <BR><BR>My Software.. <BR>WinNT Workstation (sp5) <BR>Personal Web server <BR>IE4 (pretty recent Update) <BR>Visual Studio 6 <BR><BR>Hardware <BR>Celeron400 <BR>Modem (33.6) <BR>Network Card (but no network) <BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help whatsoever. <BR><BR>Michael<BR>

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    Default RE: Internet Explorer couldn't contact server

    When I am trying to view my asp page in browser, getting the message that internet explorer couldn&#039t contact server.<BR><BR>My server is also Personal Web Server only. <BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    seriousconsult@hotmailcom Guest

    Default RE: Internet Explorer couldn't contact server

    Seems like a mess, save yourself the stress.<BR><BR>Publish your ASP to a $20month account at interland or some other provide. It&#039s 20$ and there is no stress.<BR><BR>This is not SPAM since I don&#039t care who he hosts with and do not have any relation to Interland.

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    SamJ Guest

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    That is rediculous! PWS can save you a lot of time and money. It is very good for development of ASP pages - especially if you want to set up DSN&#039s. Plus you will learn a lot about how servers work<BR><BR>Problem is I am just not clear on exactly what problem you are having. After you get PWS set up you have to access your asp pages like http://localhost/directory/file.asp. Often localhost is the name of your server. You can go into the PWS manager to verify. You then can set up a directory where you want to put your asp files. Then make that a virtual directory. From the PWS manager click on Advanced. There is pretty good documentation on this in the PWS. It is kind of a lot to go into here.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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    Zac Odom Guest

    Default RE: Internet Explorer couldn't contact server

    I had the same trouble. I have pws running on a win 95 laptop. you need to have nt 4.0 option kit you can download from microsoft. this includes iis 40 but also includes some things for pws on win 95. also, and this was my problem, you MUST have front page extensions insalled on your pws. <BR>hope this helps, let me know<BR>zac odom

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