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    If I wanted to make a selection in a drop down box link to another page depending on the selection made, would I have to do this after some form of validation was done. For example, validate what was selected and then link to appropriate page. A link can&#039t be set right on the <option> line can it??

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    Of course it can ..Let&#039s just say that pure html for a drop down box is:<BR>&#060;SELECT NAME=GoToSite&#062;<BR>&#060;OPTION Value=""&#062;Yahoo!<BR>&#060;OPTION Value=""&#062;Altavista<BR>&#060; OPTION Value=""&#062;CNET<BR>&#060;/SELECT&#062;<BR><BR>So, after submitting this page to an ASP page, then, the<BR>ASP page should contain the following code:<BR>strURL = Request.Form("GoToSite")<BR>Response.Redirect("str URL")<BR><BR>This code may need slight modifications to work..<BR>If you want you can mail me at<BR><BR>(Include Response.Buffer = True at the top of the page!!!)

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