Hi all,<BR><BR>I hope I&#039m not asking a question that has been answered already, but I think I&#039ve made a fairly reasonable attempt to look for one on my own and have simply come up short. What I&#039d like to do is display a portion of another html page on my web page, and I don&#039t just want to link to it. What I need to do is be able to open that page (have it served up to me like a normal web page) *inside* my script and then dump the contents of that page to a string so that I can do my parsing. I&#039ve tried using the Microsoft Internet Transfer Control, but I&#039ve had problems instantiating it with Server.CreateObject() Furthermore, I know that it has events like OnStateChange() that I just don&#039t think (?) I can handle using ASP. Does anyone know of a solution for what I&#039d like to do? Any suggestions? Thanks! :)<BR><BR>in Christ<BR>Matt<BR>dmf@ssinet.com<BR>