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    Bob Edison Guest

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    I&#039m trying to loop through a table and add up all the days in between to dates. I&#039m trying to get the average flow days. I&#039ve been trying to use the following code:<BR>TotalAheadDiffADate = DateDiff("d", ShopConn("ActualFinish"), ShopConn("Comp")) <BR>TotalAheadDiffADate = TotalAheadDiffADate + TotalAheadDiffADate<BR><BR>It doesn&#039t seem to be adding up the total days. Can you help Please?

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    sm549 Guest

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    You&#039re assigning the difference to the total before adding it to the total. The result is twice the last difference. Try using a separate variable for the row fetches, &#039Difference&#039. Also make sure TotalAheadDiffADate is initialized to zero at the start of the calculation, before the loop.<BR><BR>&nbsp&nbspDifference = DateDiff("d", ShopConn("ActualFinish"), ShopConn("Comp")) <BR>&nbsp&nbspTotalAheadDiffADate = TotalAheadDiffADate + Difference<BR><BR>Hope it helps.<BR><BR>

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