I have a login page and recive page. i want to check, if user is registred in database or not. If he/she is registred he/she will be redirected to one page if not, other. Problem is, that if user enters right username and password i can check it like if (isNaN(id)) but if wrong pws or usrname is entered result is empty and i cannot compare it or anything... please help me out.<BR><BR>var sql=select id from paroolid where name=name AND pass=pass<BR>var result=conn.execute(sql);<BR><BR>if ( ????? )<BR> {<BR> Response.Redirect("http://www.you_are_member");<BR> }<BR>else<BR> {<BR> Response.Redirect("http://www.you_are_some_hacker");<BR> }