createobject("word.application") failed..

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Thread: createobject("word.application") failed..

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    Nanjar Budiman Guest

    Default createobject("word.application") failed..

    dear all,<BR>when I run my script ,error "Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : 80080005&#039 <BR>Server.CreateObject Failed " accurs.<BR>why does it happen ?<BR>

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    jason Guest

    Default RE: createobject(

    is word installed on the server? that&#039s the obvious answer. also beware of using this on the client side - word 2000 opens muliple instances, which clog up the machine&#039s memory and can only be closed with task manager, winsystem or a shutdown.<BR><BR>jason

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    Nanjar Budiman Guest

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    yes,it is. There is MS Office 2000 installed.

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