I need help with a sql command, here is what i have so far:<BR><BR>SELECT [Rush].[First_Name], [Rush].[Last_Name], [Rush].[Prim_ID], [Event_Attendance].[Event]<BR>FROM Event_Attendance RIGHT JOIN Rush ON [Event_Attendance].[Rushee]=[Rush].[Prim_ID];<BR><BR>I basically have 2 tables. One with all the names and ID&#039s of people and then another table with event name and id of the person attending the event. There are only records in this table if the person went to the event. Basically, I want to give this query an event id and come back with a list of all the people, and whether or not they went to the event. I am stuck. Right now, the query comes back with a list of all the people and extra entries for each entry in the events attendance table. Please HELP!