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    I am trying to do Sub from server in VBScript I can seem to do it. I want to read text1.value from the form then write a value to text2.value on same form from my SQL statement. I need to use server because over half our users are on Netscape and can not use VBScript unles on server...HELP

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    Default Confusion about Server's role

    You can&#039t do *ANYTHING* in the SAME FORM (on the same page) from ANY code that runs on the server. Period.<BR><BR>In order for the server to get involved, you have to SUBMIT the form to the server, which then serves up a COMPLETELY BRAND NEW page of HTML to the browser. <BR><BR>Now, you could make it *look* like you modified the same form. By serving up the same page again except with different content. But oh, my, is that an expensive thing to do! Hitting the server just to copy a value from one place on a form to another. <BR><BR>Time to learn client-side JavaScript, which works on almost all browsers.<BR><BR>And there it is dirt simple to do what you ask.<BR><BR>

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