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    clifford Guest

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    could not make it work please help<BR><BR>2nd okay this is what i put and it did not make carrier a required field...<BR><BR>if request.form("Device_type")="" then<BR><BR>dim errort<BR>errort="&#060;img src=error.gif&#062;"<BR>session ("msg")=session("msg") & _<BR>"&#060;li&#062;&#060;font face=arial color=ff0000&#062;You must enter your Device Type<BR>&#060;/li&#062;" &#039add to message<BR>isOK=false &#039the form doesn&#039t validate<BR>end if<BR><BR>session("Device_type")=request.form("dev ice_type") <BR><BR>session("errort")=errort &#039store the value in the session <BR>&#039object for use if redirection <BR>&#039back to the form for correction &#039is necessary <BR>if request("cellular_phone")&#060;&#062;""then<BR><BR >if request("carrier")=""then<BR>Response.Write("error ")<BR>end if<BR><BR>end if<BR><BR>1st I wrote script that contains a drop down (device type)and in that drop down they have two choices pager or cellular and if then pick cellular then the field carrier is required. how do i do that?<BR><BR>If they pick pager carrier is not required<BR>

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    Shedao Shai Guest

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    Chill, I have a job that must come first. Please don&#039t post again and again. Just give a little time.<BR><BR>Are the names of the fields Exactly the same?<BR>Are there any redirects?<BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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    clifford Guest

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    they are exactly the same

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    Shedao Shai Guest

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    Try debugging it by placing a simple response.write<BR>in the code until you get to the spot where it isn&#039t running.<BR><BR>I need some feedback on what it is doing.

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