Hi,<BR>I have a problem in my ASP application.I am using a logon page for my application.This is the default page when my application starts.In this page I am using a VB DLL which is developed using<BR>LogonUser() API to check the UserName(Valid NT Users) and Password are valid or not.In My Development Server(This<BR>is a Domain controller) it is working fine.But now my application is moved to Internet and the server is maintained somewhere.There the Server is configured as a Workgroup.When I tested my program in that server If you supply a Valid UserName(WindowsNT UserName)and wrong password,the page(Logon Method is executing properly) is working fine.But If you supply a Invalid UserName(Login is not available in Windows NT Server)<BR>and Password,the DLL is failing and it is allowing the user to go into the application.<BR><BR>If anybody used this method,please help with some solutinon.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Palani.<BR><BR>