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Thread: WSC vs. COM

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    sean1978 Guest

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    Hi-<BR><BR>After reading the articles on 4guys(woohoo!) I am wondering about the performance difference between WSC and COM. COM is already compiled, so it saves time. Is WSC pre-compiled as well? The only difference I think/hope is that WSC don&#039t need a server reboot (or even be registered on the server) to work after an update.<BR><BR>Thanks as always.<BR><BR>oh yeah, jason and guys kick ***.<BR><BR>-Sean

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    SPG Guest

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    I prefer COM objects with visilbly compiled results. <BR><BR>Afaik, WSCs get recompiled any time they fall out of memory (better than just ASP, but that intial run-time compile is not as nice as once-compiled COM), their source code isn&#039t what I would call pretty for editing (imo), and you lose some of the really nice features of a "real" COM object (a parameter like &#039optional byVal strFoo as string = "default value here",&#039 for example).<BR><BR>As near as I can tell, WSCs were created to provide a performance boost on ASP for developers who -- for whatever reason -- don&#039t want to (or can&#039t) build standard compilied COM objects.<BR><BR>If you&#039ve got the choice, I would -- and do -- go for the real COM. It is, however, good to remember the WSCs in the event that you don&#039t always have that luxury.<BR><BR>HiH.

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