OK, here is my dilemma - <BR>I am trying to write a stored procedure that will be executed from a trigger that will run through a couple of tables and based on the results will fire off an email to people who need them. It is for a real-estate app and one of the things it is doing is notifying people if their leases are coming due. Unless someone has a better idea, I need to do it this way because it needs to be run on a regular basis without user interaction.<BR><BR>I can write the trigger and do the search on the db but I do not have any idea whether I can make sql do what I want it to do. <BR><BR>I would love to be able to use some good old vbscript within the proc and shoot off the email via cdonts or cdo but I am not sure if that is doable. I cannot use sqlmail because of the way that we set sql up so I am grasping at straws here.