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    moti Guest

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    I must do i page were i take information on the product from one table and i take also feedback on the product from other table how do i do it ?<BR>In one page ?<BR>Please help

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    You should do this <BR><BR>SELECT table1.product_name, FROM table1,table2<BR>WHERE (table1.[Id])=[table2].[Id]<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>

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    CAHEK & BAHEK Guest

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    Use INNER JOIN in your SQL statement<BR>Example:<BR>you have two Tables Customer and CustomerDetails<BR>Table Customer has two fields Cust_ID and Active<BR>Table CustomerDetails has following fields: ID,FN,LN<BR>SQL statement to show Details of Active customers:<BR>Select Customer.Cust_ID,CustomerDetails.FN,CustomerDetail s.LN<BR>from Customer inner join CustomerDetails<BR>on Customer.Cust_ID=CustomerDetails.ID<BR>Where Customer.Active=1<BR><BR>Enjoy your day ;)<BR><BR>

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    moti Guest

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    Thanks i wil try

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    moti Guest

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    Thnks to i will try it also

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