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    Hi there<BR><BR>I am a bit new to asp and databaseprogramming.<BR>I was wondering what kind of performance you can expect from a database driven site. Some guy told me that an access database accessed from asp cant really handle many users - 3 or 4 at the same time, but with sql server you can handle 50.000 or so simultaneously.<BR>I know it all depends on the server and if the site is shared, but are there any general guidelines?<BR><BR>Tobias<BR>

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    It depends on what you expect from your site. 3 or 4 hits at the same time throughout the day, to me, would constitute a fairly high traffic site. And if your site is going to be high traffic, then you should fork over the cash-ola to get SQL, stick on a honkin server, and be very happy.<BR><BR>On the other hand, if this site is only going to get a couple hundred hits aday, or if only a few people are going to use it (for instance, a small company intranet), then go ahead and start with Access. The differences are, as you have somewhat pointed out, multi user usage(especially since Access is not a multi user db), how it handles large amounts of data(Access starts to bog down after 20,000 records in a table), and cost(Access 2000 - $150, SQL7 [properly licensed] $6000), and cost of hardware, Access can run on your minimum NT4 load, SQL7 I wouldn&#039t suggest on anything less then 256MB RAM, Large amount of drive space, and a PIII.<BR><BR>So there you have it, your guide to which db to use!<BR><BR>Brian

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