I&#039m sure this must have been answered before - tried searching the message board but turned up nothing so please forgive me & just point me in the right direction if that is the case....<BR><BR>Right, I have a stored procedure v.simple:<BR><BR>create stored procedure simple as<BR><BR>return 1010<BR><BR>OK - that&#039s it. When I call this from an ASP page and view the return parameter (index 0 of parameters collection) I get 1010 as you&#039d expect.<BR><BR>If I alter the stored procedure to <BR><BR>create stored procedure simple as<BR><BR>select * from errorlog<BR><BR>return 1010<BR><BR>I loose the value of the return paramter (it is simply blank if I Response.Write it). In fact placing replacing the select statement with an insert or delete has the same effect.<BR><BR>Can somebody please point at the problem/answer....<BR><BR>many thanks,<BR>Rob :)<BR>