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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I am using interface to add the records into the databse and there is a update button so when user clicks on the update button the data is geting into the database what i want is when user clicks on the button it should check for the validation means there is a project_id field so if user enter the same project two times it should give an error message.Please help me out.<BR>Thanks

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    Hi ashish, <BR><BR>This problem can be tackled on two levels.<BR><BR>One is the client side. You can get all the project ids in a javascript array and when the update button is clicked you can make one javascript function execute which will check the current entry with all the contents of the javascript array. If the new data is found existing then the javascript can throw up a message box specifying the error and also stop the execution of the code so that the user can put in revised data. <BR><BR>It can also be handled in the server side. There can be a asp dictionary containing all the previous project ids. The new project id can be checked against the contents of the dictionary and if similiar entry is found then the updating of database can be stopped and the code can be redirected to the data entry page with a message specifying the error.<BR><BR>hope this helps you.<BR><BR>partha<BR>

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