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    I am wanting to know how to look for an email or web address in a memo field in a database and correctly display with the link. I already know that you can correctly format text in a memo field like:Text = rs("Text")Text = Replace(Text, Chr(34), "&#039&#039")Text = Replace(Text, vbCrLf, "")So how do I look for a email or web link in text to display it correctly.
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    that would be very resource intensive. you&#039d have to loop through an entire recordset, checking the memo fields with regular expression, extracting the string, storing it and/or displaying it and so on. memo fields are slow enough without having to go through all of them with script.<BR><BR>there&#039s some script at, i think, to correctly hyperlink every http:// in a string, you could adapt this to create mailto: links with a bit of ingenuity - but the performance hit will be huge out of doing this on memo fields in access (about the slowest posssible db combination)<BR><BR>jason

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