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    I wrote an ASP page that lists files in a directory. I use VBscript and everything works great. I can delete files and save them to the Servers HDD but I want to be able to save them to a local hard drive. <BR><BR>using TYPE=File allows me to browse a client directory but ultimately the I can only save to the Server.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me on this?<BR><BR>Thanks... Anthony

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    Generally speaking, you can NOT use ANY Web based technology to force the download of files from server to client.<BR><BR>Question: How do you think viruses spread? Answer: When this rule is violated.<BR><BR>The best you can do is give a clickable link to a file, let the user click on the link, and then the USER must choose WHETHER and WHERE to store the file.<BR><BR>Period.<BR><BR>

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    I am not sure that&#039s what he was asking. <BR><BR>Are you trying to browse this list that is generated and then download specific files to your computer? (or the users computer that is browsing)? There is some file management software out there (Software Artisans makes one and so does Persits) that allow you to upload and download files to the client. You an check out or

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