can't createobject on personal web server, bu

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Thread: can't createobject on personal web server, bu

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    I&#039ve got NT SP4, personal webserver that came on the SP4 CD<BR><BR>I&#039ve got VB5 with Visual Studio 6 SP6<BR><BR>I&#039ve made an activeX dll in VB. I&#039ve made an asp page that calls server.createobject("mydll.myclass")<BR><BR>If I&#039m in VB and set it to debug my class by running the asp web page, then the IE starts up on my personal web server, the asp page gets loaded, and I begin stepping into my VB code. It runs all the way through, does all it&#039s functions and prints output to the web page. It works perfectly.<BR><BR>But if I start IE by itself and type my asp page in the address bar, then it attempts to load my page but errors out with "can&#039t crete object"<BR><BR>Now everything is local. My computer IS the server. VB has registered the dll. Why does it only work in debug mode?<BR><BR>Is something not in the path? I tried putting the dll in winnt/system32. Still didn&#039t work.<BR><BR>

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    have you moved the .dll file without using regsvr32.exe to re-register it?<BR><BR>

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