according to<BR><BR><BR>I should explicitly create a recordset so that I can set the cursors to the best value. But what if I want to execute a stored proc? <BR><BR>I know I can say "exec sp_who", strConnectString<BR><BR>but what if I wanted to pass parameters to the proc and also get the return parameter? I have no way of accessing the parameters collection if I explicitly create an rs. Do I???<BR><BR>I think the only way to access parameters to to use a command object and then say set rs = cmd.execute<BR><BR>but by doing so I lose the ability to set cursors. Let&#039s say I have a proc that brings back a recordset and then a return code. I would like to set the cursors to prepare the resultset to be disconnected. Then I want to append a return parameter. Then execute the proc, set the recordset.activeconnection to nothing, return the recordset to the user and have the user access the return parameter. <BR><BR>But now I&#039m thinking I can&#039t do this because if I want to set the cursors properly, then I don&#039t have access to the parameters field. What am I missing here?<BR><BR>