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Thread: inline style in NN?

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    Maka Guest

    Default inline style in NN?

    Does any body know if Netcape supports inline style?<BR>&#060;p style="font-size:100%"&#062;test&#060;/p&#062;

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    jason Guest

    Default RE: inline style in NN?

    why don&#039t you just try it?<BR><BR>yes it does support inline styles, but it doesn&#039t like you to mixed linked, embedded imported or inline together on the smae page, because it doesn&#039t know which ones should override the others (despite that being the reason they&#039re called *cascading* stylesheets)<BR><BR>there are a lot of style properties not supported by NN - it&#039s all tial and error really (but mostly, with NN, error)<BR><BR>jason

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