Is there a workaround or way of initializing an INPUT control of TYPE=file?<BR><BR>Here is my issue. Suggestions are welcome.<BR><BR>I am writing a browser-based app that allows departments and sites across the country, to send their custom-made web pages to my location, where they are ultimately hosted and displayed. I have a page with a Form that allows the User to enter the name of their URL (HTML file) that I upload to the server. On the server I parse the HTML and determine any/all the references made in the HTML file to other files (JPG, GIF, MPEG, etc.). I want to be able to Upload those referenced files without User interaction. <BR><BR>If I could initialize the &#060;INPUT TYPE=file&#062; control I have a way of doing it. However, everything I find says the INPUT control is read-only for security reasons.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>- Dave<BR><BR>