Does the Open method return anything?

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Thread: Does the Open method return anything?

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    Default Does the Open method return anything?

    I am trying to find out if the Open method returns anything. I want to be able to redirect users to a different page if the connection to the database fails. Does anyone have any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jeff

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    you mean the open() method of the connection object, i assume?<BR><BR>it doesn&#039t return anything - which is the reason why occassionally you get &#039cannot use parentheses when calling a sub&#039 errors if you&#039re careless. subs don&#039t return values, you see. <BR><BR>if you need to know if the connection is open, you can probably rely on the fact that it&#039ll return an error if it doesn&#039t open.<BR><BR>why don&#039t you just grab the ADO documentation (you probably already have it on your machine)? it&#039s a lot quicker than asking on a messageboard.<BR><BR>jason

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