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    Hey people,<BR><BR>I am sure most of you will have come across the below message when updating records in a database, even if you can&#039t tell me how to fix it, can you throw any light on what sometimes causes this message? Its driving me nuts: thanks guys.<BR><BR>ADODB.Field error &#039 800a0cb3&#039 <BR><BR>The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider. <BR>

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    I think it has to do something with cursor and lock types (the way you open your tables)..<BR><BR>&#039-- Cursor Type, Lock Type <BR><BR>&#039-- ForwardOnly 0 - ReadOnly 1<BR>&#039-- KeySet 1 - Pessimistic 2<BR>&#039-- Dynamic 2 - Optimistic 3<BR>&#039-- Static 3 - BatchOptimistic 4 <BR><BR>Hope this helps

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    You cause people to take the time to give you answers in both forums, because they have no idea the question has been answered in the other forum(s).<BR><BR>It&#039s almost as bad as those who post their question once per hour because nobody has yet answered them. Sigh. But not quite, at least.<BR><BR>Incidentally, "do not crosspost" is one of the first rules of "netiquette." I didn&#039t make it up on my own.<BR><BR><BR>

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