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    I have an application that I&#039m writing that manages access to 34 different applications. Each application has it&#039s own set of roles. In response to a onclick event from a radio button, I want to retrieve an ASP page that lists the roles for a particular application and display it within another ASP page. The retrieved ASP page will contain checkboxes for selecting/deselecting the roles. How do I retrieve and display an ASP page within another ASP page???

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    *NOTHING* directly to do with ASP.<BR><BR>You just use a little client-side JavaScript to open a new window and populate it with a URL. The URL you use can include querystring parameters and can be an ASP page, so you thus end up popping up the window, loading it with an ASP page, and asking the ASP page to do some particular thing.<BR><BR>If you don&#039t know how to use JS to pop up a window, try looking at the JS FAQ at<BR><BR>***********<BR><BR>Oh, wait! Did you *truly* mean "display it WITHIN another ASP page"??? That is, actually *inside* the already-being-displayed page? Really, really tough to do! If you want to do something that *looks* like that is what is happening, use frames and follow essentially the same procedure I outlined for a pop up.<BR><BR>

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