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    Matthew Kwan Guest

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    Hi, I am currently building an Intranet Discussion Forum for this client. The problem I am facing is that the client requests before a user can post a message a NT authentication dialog box should be prompt before he/she can proceed. The client just want a tighter security on posting messages, although the user has already logged on onto the Network before using the browser, the client just paranoid about people abusing the forum by going to other people computer to post messages.<BR><BR>And also, the client must insist on using the NT logon user name and password, he doesn&#039t want a separate database (Access/SQL) to store separate set of username and password for the forum.<BR><BR>Anyway, I have try setting Basic Authentication on the post.asp, and it actually prompted me the NT authentication dialog box. Good, but it only prompts me once, if I go posting again it won&#039t prompt me again. I believe this happens because it is authenticated at the domain security level, so once you are logged on to the network, they won&#039t bother to authenticate you again. However this is not what I want, I want the NT authenticate dialog box to prompt me everytime I try opening the post.asp. <BR><BR>Anybody has a good suggestion to my problem.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Matthew

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    You probably won&#039t ever get it to work, unless before you get to the post.asp you do a Session.Abandon (and even then I am not sure that will work)<BR><BR>The thing about Authentication is that it trusts you once you say who you are that&#039s really who you are. <BR><BR>You could do something with client certificates on each computer, but that would get really, really messy especially if the are people who share computers.

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    Matthew Kwan Guest

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    Jenn, you are right. <BR><BR>I have found an article in MSN called "HOWTO: Clear Logon Credentials to Force Reauthentication". I have tried the method they taught me by creating an ActiveX object and installed it to the web server, but it didn&#039t work.

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