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    I am trying to connect to a database. I have a website on one server and a DSN on another server. How would I write the path to connect to the database.<BR><BR>The book I have tells me to this:<BR><BR>Provider=MSDASQL; DSN=Contact; UID=DavidS; PWD=<BR><BR>So how would I convert this<BR><BR>strDSN ="driver={microsoft access driver (*.mdb)}; dbq=e:www_privateInsadb.mdb" <BR><BR>to what it says upabove.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Sharon

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    strcn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.4.0(Jet.3.51 for Access97);User ID=Admin;Password=;Data Source=e:www_privateInsadb.mdb"<BR><BR>Good Luck!

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