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    I know that a session is maintained for each new user with the help of cookies on client browser. But if client disables cookis how a new session is recognised? Can anyone explain me?

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    A session cookie is sent when a user accesses your application for the first time or after the browser has been restarted. If users have their browsers adjusted to reject cookies, all information stored in the session object is lost when the client opens a new page.<BR>You can turn off session tracking, thus reducing server load(session objects need to be created and maintained in memory)by creating a web page that uses the ENABLESESSIONSTSTATE directive as the first command.<BR>ie.<BR>&#060;% @ ENABLESESSIONSTATE = FALSE %&#062;<BR>This is often done on home pages that have heavy load, but then the user immediatley leaves the site. ie. a homepage that lists stock quotes.

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