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    Max P. Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Hello all --<BR><BR>since I started programming webpages, I have always used NT systems with ASP. For the client side I use Javascript, and for the server side I use VbScript for my ASP. Passing variables from forms, or variables appended to URLs, couldn&#039t be easier... For instance:<BR><BR>with the URL "process_data.asp?cat=black" I know I can use Request("cat") on the process_data page to get the value of cat.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, now I am designing a web page on a non-NT server with no IIS! How can I receive values using ONLY javascript? Giving an example of how to do the above "black cat" variable pass WITHOUT ASP would be appreciated...<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Max P.

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    jason Guest

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    there&#039s a class that does this available from<BR><BR>it mimics the asp Request.Querystring functionality - and it&#039s free to use and distribute <BR><BR>jason<BR>

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