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    Hi,<BR> I have something like this:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="mailto:&#060;% =EmailAddress %&#062;"&#062;&#060;% =EmailAddress %&#062;&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>when I click on this link, it sends an email to the particular person. I want to keep track of the number of emails that&#039s being sent to this person.<BR><BR>I am doing by recording the entry into the database with a field called TotalEmails.<BR><BR>how do I keep track of this onClick event? if I do onClick=<BR>it&#039s going to be a javascript function. But, instead I should write the data into the database.<BR>how do I do that?<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    you could either have a form with hidden fields, and submit that form with the onclick event in javascript. the form would post whatever variables to a .asp file that would make the entry into the Db<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>you could download an ASP mail component such as Jmail or ASPMail which automatically sends the email and then it is easier to add entries to your db cause the asp mail components are done in asp<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR><BR>L

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