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    I&#039ve been coding in ASP for over 3 years now and in all of that time I&#039ve taken the salary offered. Currently, however, I&#039m in a situation where I have to put a price on my own work. I&#039m clueless as to what the going rate (USD/Hr) is for an ASP Coder (freelance), and I was curious to see what everyone else had to say.

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    It depends on so many variables (location, experience, difficulty of project, how important the project is to the person that you&#039re doing it for, etc.) that it&#039s next to impossible to give you a hard dollar number.<BR><BR>Sorry I couldn&#039t provide a specific number for you... there was a discussion like this on the ASPFreeForAll Listserv at ASPLists.com a while back, but it was annoying because it was a ton of people just saying things like, "I got $x per hour," and it all varied a lot due to those variables I mentioned earlier varying.

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