I am trying to setup a group of developers with the ability to use VI and FrontPage 2000 under source control.<BR><BR>Looking for a nice step by step from creating the solution (project) up on the webserver to VSS settings etc... EVERYTHING is local to the webserver.<BR> <BR>I have setup the following<BR> <BR>VSS Database Location <BR>D:XXXweb (project created named TestSams and added files from web root)<BR> <BR>Visual Interdev Project Location<BR>D:ProjectsTestXXXX (this has the .sln, vip files) and then TestXXXX_Local has the folders of the web directory<BR> <BR>Web Root<BR>D:asXXXXroot<BR><BR>Any help is great and if you could repond via email to mark.christianson@nav-international.com I would appreciate it.