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    Joby James Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I have a problem with refreshing a pop up window. I have set the refresh time as 30 sec. The asp page has to perform a database operation each time it loads. But even after refreshing it is loading from the cache instead of performing the database operation. Please help.<BR>Joby

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    Daniel Guest

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    Try this<BR><BR>&#060;meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="8; URL=pageToReload.asp"&#062;<BR><BR>It works for me, but i´m not calling tha db from this file.<BR>I´m using an include file that works with the db.

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    Bill J Guest

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    o.k. follow the previous poster&#039s example on using the meta-tag, this works with a database operation. Second, and maybe more importantly you must make sure that you use .close on any recordset and connection and set all of your databse/ado connection to nothing, this removes it from memory and removes the likelyhood that you&#039re hitting anything cached.<BR><BR>Use this syntax:<BR><BR>InRecordset.close<BR>Connection.clo se<BR>set InRecordset = nothing<BR>set Connection = nothing

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