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    I run Access 97 dbases on my site... Any hints on optimizing performance? Apart from running the wizard<BR><BR>I have had connections crash (I get 1,000 page views a day), and one suggestion was that I optimize performance, including cachesize...<BR>

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    Well to be honest, 1000 views per day should not be that hard for Access. Access has two short comings:<BR><BR>1. When you get over 20,000 records in a table it really gets slow.<BR>2. It&#039s not good at handling more than 3 or 4 hits at a time. But with 1000 hits per day that shouldn&#039t happen that often.<BR><BR>If your seeing slow reactions from your site it&#039s either due to #1, or the sql queries you are using are pulling large amounts of data. I have had queries run that return 1000 records at once. The problem wasn&#039t the db, the problem was that the page that was created was over 1 meg. And that takes some time over a 64K connection.

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