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    How can i use a carriage return in ASP ? I need break a line with CR....<BR>Thks...

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    Hi Alex,<BR><BR>Through ASP you can use Chr(10) for a hard return or a Chr(34) for a line feed.<BR><BR>If you are doing this to properly format a SQL statement then it would look like:<BR><BR>SELECT_String = "SELECT movie.`IDNUM`, movie.`MOVIE`, movie.`GROSS` "<BR><BR>FROM_String = "FROM `Movie` movie "<BR><BR>WHERE_String = "WHERE (movie.`MOVIE` = &#039Back to the Future&#039 OR movie.`MOVIE` = &#039Beverly Hills Cop&#039 OR movie.`MOVIE` = &#039Crocodile Dundee&#039)"<BR><BR>NewSQLQueryString = SELECT_String & CHR(10)& CHR(13) & FROM_String & CHR(10)& CHR(13)& WHERE_String<BR><BR>I hope that this helps.<BR><BR>Tony<BR>

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