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    I am facing this problem to use ASP&#039s on Unix(Sun Solaris). I hvae loaded Chili<BR>ASP on Sun Solaris(very difficult to configure that thing with Apache)<BR>But the problme lies in the connectivity with the Oracle. Does anyone have some idea<BR>whcih Driver(like SQLOLEDB for SQL Server & and MSDORA1.e for Oracle on IIS) can<BR>be used on Unix for Apache Web Server??. Oracle ppl said They said your version(of Oracle)<BR>may be an older one, whille i m using Oracle 7.3.4 and i have also mailed the<BR>support ppl of ChiliSoft ASP they said that the version is ok and the solution<BR>they have given me is to use a DSN but as such there r no DSN&#039s on Unix Platform.

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    Hi there<BR> There is a dsn creation program available for linux download at redhat . that is alteast what i read last . it is worth a check out<BR><BR> regards <BR> abhishek<BR>

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