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    Todd Hackett Guest

    Default Session.Abandon not working

    I am using a session.abandon on the final order screen which displays the invoice. If I then go back to the home page and place another order, the session.sessionID variable is still set to the same value, which creates a duplicate order number. Is there any reason why the session.abandon is not clearing this value.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-Todd

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    jason Guest

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    are you going back by pressing the back button?<BR><BR>did you know sessions are tracked by session cookies, and a session cookie won&#039t go away till you close the browser? <BR><BR>p.s. don&#039t create order numbers based purely on session IDs for this very reason. if you must use session ID, generate a unique suffix to tag on the end of it, maybe with a DB primary key or generated from the date/time?<BR><BR>jason

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    Todd Hackett Guest

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    Jason,<BR>Thanks for the feedback. You must be right. The crazy thing is that no where does any documentation on sessionId&#039s explain this, even on Microsofts site. They all say that the session.abandon will take care of this. That&#039s why this forum is so valuable. Thanks again for responding.<BR><BR>-Todd

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